• 60 CapsulesTrans Pterostilbene 55mg 99%
    60 CapsulesTrans Pterostilbene 55mg 99%

    Supplement Trans Pterostilbene 99% 55mg per capsule


    - 55mg Trans Ptestrostilbene 99%

    - Other Ingredients: Microcrystaline Cellulose 245mg

    - 60 Vegetarian Capsule

    - Total weight content jar: 25 grams

    Advice use:

    - 1…

    € 18,99


What is Trans Ptestrolstilbene?

Pterostilbene is a powerful natural antioxidant. Found in blueberries, grapes and cranberries, among others. 

Pterostilbene and Resveratrol

Pterostilbene is structurally related to resveratrol (a phyto-alexin from grapes) and has similar properties.

Pterostilbene has a few advantages over resveratrol:

- The bioavailability is higher (70-90% versus 20-30%).

- The oral absorption, cellular uptake and metabolic stability is better than resveratrol.

Highest purity and quality

Our Trans Ptestrostilbene comes in vegetarian capsules, 55mg per capsule (60 capsules per jar). Here you buy the highest available quality and purity of 99%.

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