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Your biological age

Determine your biological age

The epiAge test enables a precise determination of your biological age. Your biological or so-called epigenetic age tells you how your body has aged until now. If your biological age is lower than your actual age, it means you are on the right track to staying healthy in the long term – even in old age. If your epigenetic age is higher than your chronological age, it may be time to adjust your lifestyle. Exercising, fasting, a healthier diet or reducing nicotine and alcohol consumption can have a very positive effect on your ageing process. The epiAge test will provide you with the impetus to overcome these hurdles more easily.

The epiAge test is carried out by analysing so-called methylation markers around your DNA. All that is required is a small saliva sample. The epiAge test kit enables you to collect it quickly and easily before sending it back to us for the laboratory analysis. You will receive the assessment and your test result within 4 weeks.

Once your epigenetic age has been determined, you can precisely check the effectiveness of your health-inducing measures with a follow-up test since the epiAge test offers very high accuracy thanks to its high-tech sequencing methodology. It is also an ideal gift for anyone who wants to regain control over their life and health.

Package contents:

Instruction manual with Secure ID

Test tube to collect the saliva sample

epiAge information brochure

Return envelope (to Germany)

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